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“We strive to safeguard the trust of our colleagues and partners,

earned through years of excellent service...”

Yiannos Cassoulides

Founder and Managing Director

Nana Anastasiadou
Project and Design Manager

Our founder and managing director and licenced cadastral surveyor Yiannos Cassoulides has studied at the University of New Brunswick in Canada where he got his BSc in Surveying Engineering degree. He founded TopoCAD in 1992 and has been involved in projects concerning land surveying engineering, topography and cadastral surveying.

Our trusty project and design manager has been with our company since the beggining of TopoCAD. Studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Surveying Engineering.

Among her duties is the processing and finalising of a project, production of  contour maps, sections, detail topography maps and in general office surveying and topography related tasks. Furthermore Nana has excellent communication skills.

Harris Cassoulides
Co-Founder and Field Manager

Harris Cassoulides, has been with the company since the very first years, where he has been enganged in fieldwork strategy optimisation, and in surveying methodology of achieving the demands of the project. He is also the co-founder of the firm with his brother Yiannos, and has been training new surveyors and chain-men in the fieldwork demands and methodology.

Vangelis Cassoulides

Senior Engineering Surveyor

Vangelis Cassoulides is the newest member of the company.

He studied at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne where he obtained his BSc degree in Surveying and Mapping Science and then at the Univerity of Nottingham where he obtained his MSc degree in Engineering Surveying and Geodey.

He has been a senior engineering surveyor since 2013 and has been involved in road design, land surveying, topography and cadastral surveys.

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