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Our wide range of expertise embraces both land imprinting and designing, including:

Cadastral and topographic map

Detail survey and topograhy at Lefkara village.

Detail Imprinting & Levelling

Detail Topographic Map of Pallouriotissa High School

Detail Survey of an existing plot

Topographic and Cadastral Map

Detail Survey of an existing plot

Topographic and Cadastral map

Topographic and Contour Map

Detail imprinting of existing features and recording of ground elevations, for the creation of contour map.

Detail Cadastral & Topo map

Detail recording of all existing features at a part of Pervolia sea-front area, combined with boundary map, for the Town Planning Department.

Road Map Design

Creation of road map for Anayia village.

Detailed Topographic, Contour, Road, and Cadastral Maps

  • Determination of property boundaries, according to the laws and rules of the Department of Lands & Survey.

  • Detailed and accurate recording/imprinting in 2D and 3D of existing features and objects or surfaces, with the use of GPS and Laser Technology.

Cadastral and Contour Map

Cadastral Contour map creation of an area in Paramytha village in Cyprus.

Detail Longitudinal & Cross Sections

Proposed Road Sections of a project at Yeri.

Topographic sections

Detailed road cross sections in Lefkara village.

3D surface model with details

3D lines with contours and 3D objects in Chyrocoitia village.

2D Detail Building Faces

Detailed 2D Faces of a monumental building.

Accurate Recording of building faces

Creation of 2D building-faces, using accurate topographic and photogrammetric methods, for restoration purposes.

3D Topography and Contour Production

  • Production of Topographic and Contour plan-drawing.

  • Longitudinal and cross sections.

  • Digital 3D Model of buildings and surfaces.

  • 2D Faces of Monumental buildings.

Setting Out Building-Axes

Setting out points for positioning the axes and pillars of a new building.

Setting Out - Boundary Points

Setting out of boundary points using iron pegs and markings at a property lot division at Parekklisia village in Limassol.

Setting Out using GPS

Accurate setting out of boundary points with the use of GPS instrument at Parekklisia village in Limassol.

Boundary Point with markings

Indication of boundary point using iron peg and markings at Parekklisia village.

Setting Out - Boundary Points

Setting out of boundary points using iron pegs and markings at Parekklisia village in Limassol

Setting up two GPS receivers

Setting up GPS instruments for simultaneous surveying work.

Detail recording of topo-features!

Topographic and surveying work.

Topography of a cliff

Topographic work for a plot with steep slopes.

Detail Topography and Setting Out

Topographic work for old houses and narrow streets in Alona village.

Detail Topography and Setting Out

Surveying and Topographic work inside a small park in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Setting out of proposed:

  • Roads

  • Buildings.

  • Pipe lines

  • Property Boundary lines and points

with the use of GPS and Laser Instruments.

Urban Planning for Lot-Division

Property lot-division. Design and Cadastral services.

Hydrology Map for a Plot Division

Map for Hydrology study in a project for a property division into 142 lots.

Contour and Hydrology Map

Google maps incorporated with lot division and hydrology study.

Drainage Study for Lot-Division

Study of the Drainage system and culverts in a property lot-division, according to municipality requirements.

Road Design Topographic Map

Road design, planning and land concession for Ergates village in Cyprus.

Design for Property Division

Property Lot Division with Google Maps background at Deftera village, Nicosia Cyprus.

5 Doms Rural Land Division

Topographic and cadastral map for a 5 Doms-plot property division, at Klirou.

Study of Telecommunication Network

Design of underground Telecommunication network, in a property lot-division in accordance to the Telecommunication providers.

Urban and Rural Planning of Property Lots according to the rules and laws of the Town Planning Department and Municipality:

  • Design and Study services.

  • Complete Management services for lot division.

  • Drainage and Sewerage System designs with Hydrology Studies.

  • Road Designs, for minor projects.

  • Telecommunication network studies, in collaboration with telecommunication agencies.

Horizontal Division Plan

Ground floor plan for buildings and appartments of a horizontal division in Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Horizontal Division Map

First floor map of appartments for a Horizontal Division in Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Cadastral Vertical Division

Cadastral Vertical Division at Strovolos, Nicosia

Cadastral Property Land Boundary

Determination of Property Boundaries and Boundary Relocation

Cadastral Surveying for modifying or updating the property title deed according to the laws and regulations of the Lands & Survey Department:

  • Horizontal and/or vertical division of apartments or buildings.

  • Land Division in Urban and Rural zones.

  • Land Concession.

  • Land Acquisition.

  • Boundary Relocation (between adjacent properties).

  • Measuring of unregistered buildings.

Volume estimation at quarry

Volume estimation of a quarry with GPS intrument.

Contour map  for quarry

Topographic and surveying map for a quarry at Monagrouli in Cyprus

Surveyor at top of a cliff

Recording of ground elevations with the use of Topographic Laser Instrument for volume estimations

Volumetric Estimations of:

  • Quarries

  • Excavated/piled areas.

  • Between 3D Surfaces.

  • Various Buildings..

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